Grass Blocks are permeable concrete pavers that offer an environmentally-friendly, sustainable alternative to asphalt and poured concrete parking surfaces. The grid structure of the Grass Block provides open cells for grass growth, soil reinforcement and water drainage.


  • Ideal solution for municipal and commercial projects.
  • Wide enough for a comfortable, easy-to-install walkway while easily piecing together with other units for more ambitious projects such as driveways, boat landings or parking areas.
  • Grass Pavers or Grass Blocks are ideal for quickly returning groundwater to local aquifers.
Grass Block
Grass Block



  • Plant grass or gravel in block’s open cores.
  • Lets storm water return to the local water table more quickly.
  • An economic intermediary between gravel and full concrete.
  • Good for driveway to a backyard storage shed.
  • Helps keep local aquifers free of potentially harmful chemicals of asphalt.


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